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Need to develop team work or leadership skills in your organization? Want to improve communication and organizational skills within your company? Here at Kids City we have the facilities that allow you to choose from a fantastic range of activities that can be used as a component of your management training plan.

We offer Full Day Packages and Half Day Packages for our Team Building events. Our packages allow your team to choose from our wide range of activities, as well our unique Team Building Games, which are designed and tailored specifically to each group and its aims.

We can also cater for specific themes, customizable to clients’ requirements (please see the sample video on our website).

Clip ‘N ClimbOption 1 – Race to the Top! Teams are selected and each participant completes a timed climb; each subsequent climber within the team must be quicker than the previous climber’s time. Times for each team will be totaled to decide the winning team as well as having individual winners. 

Option 2 – Balloon Race! Balloons at the top of each climb must be collected – the team with the highest number of collected balloons wins. This is also a test of delegation, as each wall can only have one climber.

Approximately 20 minutesBoth these climbing challenges require leadership skills and the use of delegation while emphasizing the value of collaboration and communication under pressure.
Laser TagA simple and fast paced team game, where players score points by shooting the other team members with their laser guns. Teams that really understand each other and work well together have been known to create battle tactics and strategies, such as the bait-and-trap manoeuvre.Approximately 20 minutesThe challenge is to assign a quick thinking leader to organise the team and take it to victory. This fast paced game makes people understand the importance of clear and precise communication.
Group Creative Thinking TasksThese tasks require collaboration to solve puzzles. Each team is broken into smaller groups, and as each group finishes they can assist other groups in their team. The first team to complete all their tasks win.Approximately 20 minutesThe players must learn to work together quickly and dynamically, in small groups and in their larger teams, to achieve a common goal.
Initiative TestsThe team must complete a series of games and challenges designed to work on team bonding and communication. This challenge will be held in the function room, and a variety of tasks are available, depending on the dynamics of your team.Approximately one hourThese challenges are designed to test and strengthen internal relationships and teamwork skills, as well as utilizing the strengths of the individual for the benefit of the team.

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