Play Ground

Price : 8 USD   |   Age : 4 – 12   |   Height: under 150cm   |   Duration : unlimited

Our other indoor Playground is for ages 5 to 12 and provides trampolines, swings, Giant Twisty and Big Blue Monster slides, as well as plenty of other fun games for kids. The playground extends over multiple tiers and consists of an 800 sqm of foam-padded play pen over and under which your kids can climb, crawl, roll and swing for the whole day – exciting and stimulating, your main problem will be persuading them to come home!

Both playgrounds adhere to the highest international safety standards in construction and maintenance which is why all our play spaces have child friendly soft flooring and maximum padding which is checked monthly. Cleanliness, hygiene and health are also of paramount concern so we ensure the sites are thoroughly cleaned several times a day and all toys are regularly sanitized and disinfected.