Laser Tag

Price : 6 USD   |   Age : 7+   |   Height:  130cm+   |   Duration : 20mns

Required: group (mini. 2 people)

Lock and load, people – play Laser tag! A worldwide smash hit these days, nothing gets the blood pumping and heart racing like a Laser tournament in our modern state-of-the-art maze facility. Battle with a group of up to 30 people in our specially designed labyrinth; lead a team into futuristic combat – or go rogue (very Hunger Games).

Plan your gameplay strategy and develop stealth and ambush techniques. Then practice and perfect your laser tag gun aim until you finally overcome the evil opponents (formerly known as your friends or colleagues). These close-quarter laser skirmishes can last for up to 25 minutes and are guaranteed to be more realistic and adventurous than your favorite shoot ‘em up computer game. Ideal for all ages, 7 and up, we hold an open monthly Laser Tag Tournament – come along, you may win the trophy.