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Help WimBelemDon generate clean, self-sustaining and economical energy STEPS/ Projeto WimBelemDon Porto Alegre, RS
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$18,585.25 of $12,500.00

About the project

WimBelemDon works for the social transformation of vulnerable children and adolescents in Porto Alegre. We offer tennis workshops; social-emotional workshops, such as psychology groups, healthy living practices, and sports psychology; pedagogical workshops such as learning laboratories, literacy and storytelling, and cultural arts and cinema, as well as snacks and lunch. For almost 18 years we have been working in the community of Belém Novo, in Porto Alegre, and have already seen individual and social transformations, such as improvement in school attendance and performance, reestablishment of affective-family ties, adolescents’ entering into Higher Education and the work force, and a broadened worldview.

How Your Donation Will Help

With the amount collected we can realize one of our organization’s old dreams: the installation of a photovoltaic solar plant for our headquarters. The investment will guarantee financial savings, energy self-sufficiency and financial return. In addition, we will be working with the production of a clean, sustainable and highly innovative energy, making WimBelemDon an example of a conscientious institution concerned with its surrounding environment.


Avenida Heitor Vieira, nº 78, Belém Novo | Porto Alegre, RS
51 32425637