Embrace the Champions

Help Abraço Campeão integrate boxing and martial arts into education Abraço Campeão Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Campaign ended
$4,335.00 of $3,750.00

About the project

Thanks to supporters, volunteers and the tenacity of our team, we have grown a lot in the past year and even made it onto Caldeirão do Huck! After increasing our space, we now have over 250 children and young people enrolled and depending on us. With so much success, our reputation has spread, and our classes are full, having to create waiting lists for some time slots, and it is more difficult for our team to meet the demand and provide the same quality of support with this increased number of students. It is an important moment and opportunity to generate a bigger impact on the lives of more children and young people in Complexo do Alemão. You can support our efforts, which is truly changing and even saving the lives of young people in our community. We believe in the potential of the young people in Complexo do Alemão, they just need opportunities to shine!

How Your Donation Will Help

The resources will make it possible to hire new teachers for karate classes, pay the wrestling coach who is currently a volunteer, hire a boxing assistant and a social worker to guide young people who are having difficulties outside the NGO. Achieving our goal, we can also hire a planning and development coach for the NGO and take on more construction projects to expand the space for education.


Abraço Campeão
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