Embrace the Champions

Young people in Complexo do Alemão have so much potential: with your help they will get a chance to shine Abraço Campeão Rio de Janeiro, RJ
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About the project

Founder Alan Duarte has lost 10 relatives because of gun violence and does not want to see this happen to anyone else in his community. He is integrating boxing with youth education to transform lives and offer opportunities to the young people of Complexo do Alemão. But it’s not just about the sport. Abraço Campeão believes in the personal development of young people and facilitates this through classes and activities relevant to the young people.

We offer:

  • Boxing classes for adults and young people.
  • Personal development classes addressing local issues such as gender , sexuality awareness and racism.
  • Youth leadership through the “Generation of Champions”, which is a group of young people elected to represent the voice of the participants
  • Cultural excursions.
  • Community events such as boxing competitions and community festivities.
  • Counseling and mentoring focused on young people with greater needs and difficulties.

How Your Donation Will Help

Currently, the project is open 6 days a week and is transforming the lives of 60 young people. However, the majority of the organisation’s employees are volunteers and so their time and resources are very stretched and the need is so much greater. With your support, we will be able to provide kickboxing classes – a sport for which there is high local demand and which we had to stop because there was no salary to pay the trainer. We will also be able to improve our infrastructure, buy new equipment, and pay for electricity, making it possible for us to offer classes during the day as well, when it is much safer for the students to access the project.


Abraço Campeão

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