Donation Cans

Raise funds for your campaign of choice through donation cans

For the first edition of the {Abrace o Brasil} campaign we distributed donation cans to more than 500 children and youth and 100 businesses across 5 countries. There are many creative ways to fundraise using the donation cans: mobilize your company, encourage your children, rally your school, and more!

Children filled donation cans by holding bake sales, bingos and special events, while learning about the impact that various projects have across Brazil.

Small businesses collected donations at cash registers, organized special sales, and mobilized employees.



Donation cans are only available at the moment for those living in the United States. If you live in the United States and are interested in receiving a donation can, please contact:
abrace@brazilfoundation.org or call +1 (212) 244 3663
Together we can build a better Brazil.
Embrace Brazil!