The Campaign

About the campaign

“Abrace o Brasil” is a campaign to make philanthropy go viral, to encourage a culture of giving among Brazilians, and to help civic organizations in Brazil continue to fulfill their missions of promoting social inclusion.

The campaign is calling on people from around the world to donate to organizations of their choice, with 100% of donations going to the organization (except credit card fees).

All participating organizations have previously been funded by BrazilFoundation, passed through a careful due diligence process, and have excellent track records and results. The campaign ends on Giving Tuesday, November 28th, 2017.


Why Brazil?
Despite having one of the largest economies in the world, Brazil’s philanthropic sector is small and lagging behind others in Latin America, (Brazil ranks 91st in the World Giving Index). Philanthropy in Brazil has a lot of potential to develop and it can be a powerful tool to promote opportunities and change the country.

You can play an important role in changing this.

Join us! Embrace a cause! Embrace Brazil!


Download the press release here.


How can you participate?

Donation levels:

• Friend – Donations US$ 30 (R$ 100) and above;

• Leader – Donations US$ 150 (R$ 500) and above;

• Patron – Donations US$ 300 (R$ 1,000) and above;

• Benefactor – Donations US$ 1,000 (R$ 3,000) and above;


Become an Ambassador

By signing up to be an Ambassador you will be expected to:

• Donate to an organization of your choice;

• Promote the campaign on social media or by email. Posts can include text with links to donate, videos, “lives”, campaign memes and more;

• Optional: create your own fundraising page on Facebook. Ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to participate.



Ways your company can “embrace” the campaign:

• Small business: Ask for donations at the cash register (donation cans will be provided by BrazilFoundation);

• Promote employee campaigns, jeans days;

• Match contributions from your employees;

• Host a happy hour or lunch for employees.



Teens & Young Adults

• Start an online fundraising page for a specific organization through the BrazilFoundation website or via Facebook;

Be a Campaign Ambassador on social media (see pages for Campaign Ambassadors);

• Hold a fundraising party or churrasco through a local Brazilian students’ association (BRASA, for example).



With the supervision of their parents or guardians, kids can:

• Choose an organization to support;

• Use donation cans to fundraise from friends, family, classmates and teachers;

• Ask for donations instead of presents for their birthday;

• Hold a bake sale or set up a lemonade stand, perform yard work or chores, etc. We will provide all the needed info.

• We will provide all of the info you need.



A picture is worth a thousand words and has the power to inspire and engage people to take action. You can contribute to the campaign with your talent as a photographer (professional or amateur), by sharing images that can inspire people to join the campaign.

How you can participate:

• Post a photo on Instagram that represents “Abrace o Brasil” for you, using #AbraceoBrasilfoto;

• Embrace an organization: Offer your talent to a participating NGO near you, and share your photos to support their campaign.

BrazilFoundation will repost the most inspiring images on Instagram everyday.

The photo with the most views by the end of the campaign will receive a prize:

First place: Canon DSLR Camera T6

Second place: iPhone 7


Donations are tax-deductible according to US income tax law.


More information:
EUA: +1 (212) 244 3663
Brasil: +55 21 2532 3029